Best Commercial Coffee Bean Grinder – Reviews 2020 – 2021

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Which Is The Best Coffee Shop Industrial Grade Grinder

Do you need a new coffee grinder for your cafe, restaurant or bar? Are you setting up a new business and trying to get everything ready? Or do you just want professional quality in the comfort of your own home? If you are interested in finding the five best commercial coffee grinders available online, then you’ve come to the right place.

Things to watch out for;

Commercial coffee makers don’t come cheap, and if you are running a business you want to make sure you get a durable, low maintenance and professional coffee grinder with enough capacity for your customers. Here are a few things you should look out for when buying a commercial coffee grinder.

  • How easy it is to clean the grinder. If you’re planning on serving a lot of customers, you’ll need to clean your coffee grinder several times a day. Make sure the machine you’re buying is easy to clean, preferable with a wet cloth rather than a brush as a brush takes longer and is a little more fiddly.
  • If you’re running a business, you don’t want a loud coffee grinder scaring the customers away. Even (or especially) if you are buying a commercial coffee grinder for your home you’ll want something that’s as quiet as possible.
  • These types of coffee grinder machines aren’t exactly cheap, and if you’re running a business you don’t want to waste time having to buy a new machine. If possible try to ensure your coffee grinder comes with a one year warranty at least.
  • Always make sure the coffee grinder you’re buying is made out of durable material that won’t break after a few months of use. If possible try to go for a combination of stainless steel and metal, as these materials are likely to last for longer.
  • If you are running a business, you’ll want a coffee machine that reflects your establishment and fits into your kitchen. Luckily most commercial coffee machines are sleek and attractive, but always double check what it actually looks like before buying.
  • It is always worth spending a bit more initially and getting something that’s going to last rather than buying something that’s flimsy and likely to break, but it’s also important not to get ripped off and to make sure you’re not paying more when you could be paying less.

Thankfully you don’t have to worry too much, because we have compiled a list of the five best commercial coffee grinders on the market today.

Fracino 270W Heavy Duty Single Shot Review – Our Number 1

Heavy Duty Single Shot Coffee Grinder 270WThis is a professional quality commercial coffee grinder (VIEW PRICE HERE!) that is brimming with features. It is ideal for household and professional use.

  • This coffee grinder has adjustable blades and portion control, so you can grind your coffee beans to the exact constituency you want and make as much or little as required.
  • The Heavy Duty Single Shot Coffee Grinder has a very sleek and shiny body and would look great in any kitchen
  • This coffee grinders dispenser can hold up to 500 kg of ground coffee beans, which is quite a large amount and is perfect for making multiple coffees at once.
  • The Heavy Duty Single Shot Coffee Grinder is made out of Stainless Steel, which is a very durable material and means this grinder is built to last.
  • This grinder can go up to an impressive speed of 1300RPM, so you can grind your beans quickly and serve your customers more efficiently.
  • This coffee grinder comes with a one year warranty, so if for any reason you end up with a faulty appliance you can have it replaced easily.


Features:  Professional quality, 270W power, large capacity, durable material, one year warranty

Price: High end

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Fracino 140W Heavy Duty Coffee Grinder Review – Number 2

Heavy Duty Coffee Grinder 140WThis mid-range commercial coffee grinder is ideal for those of you who want to save on the washing up. Here are some of the Fracini Grinders’ best features.

  • This commercial coffee grinder is specially designed to be low maintenance and easy to clean, so it’s ideal for a busy establishment or for anyone who doesn’t want to spend ages on the washing up.
  • The Fracini Grinder comes with a 1 year warranty which also covers Labour, so you’re covered if anything goes wrong.
  • This commercial grinder has a sleek and professional black exterior and is great for adding a touch of class to your establishment.
  • This grinder has a reasonable speed capacity of 1200 rpm and a fair capacity of 250kg, so you can make large quantities of ground coffee beans quickly.


Features:  Professional quality, 140W power, decent capacity, durable material, one year warranty

Price: Mid range

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Marfil Heavy Duty Coffee Shop Espresso Grinder Review – Number 3

Marfil Heavy Duty Coffee GrinderThis is a high end model with a large capacity that is great for making espressos. Some of Marfils best features include:

  • This commercial grinder has a bean capacity of 6 kilo’s per hour, which is pretty reasonable and will still get you a lot of ground coffee fairly quickly.
  • The Marfel coffee grinder will grind your beans down to the required constituency and then deposit them directly into the container, so you can start making your espressos straight away.
  • This coffee grinder is easy to use and easy to adjust, so you can get the required consistency and make a variety of drinks.
  • Marfel is a respected brand, so you can rest assure that this coffee grinder will be of a certain standard.
  • This Marfel coffee grinder weights 9 KG and won’t take up too much space, so you can produce quality coffee without clogging up your work station.


Features: Reasonable capacity, easy to use and adjust, respected brand, high-end model

Pricing: High-end.

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Sage by Heston Blumenthal Review – Number 4

Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Smart Grinder ProThis affordable coffee grinder has a ton of settings to choose from and a great interface tha is easy to navigate. Some of the Sage coffee grinders features include:

  • The Sage smart grinder has 60 grind settings, so you can grind your beans exactly the way you want.
  • This coffee grinder lets you choose between cups and shots, which lets you make filter coffee and espressos with ease.
  • Sage’s design may not be as sleek as some of the other models, but the machine has a built in LCD display system which is very easy to navigate and see.
  • This machines conical burr system will adjust your dose automatically whenever you change your grind.
  • This coffee grinder comes with a cleaning brush, air tight container and two commercial filters.
  • Sage has pretty received pretty good feedback and currently has a 4.6 rating on Amazon. Customers report that the grinder is very easy to use, but can be a little noisy.


Features: Easy to use, LCD screen, reasonable capacity, automatically adjusts your dose, lots of grind settings, comes with its own cleaning brush.

Pricing: Affordable

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Baratza Encore Review – Number 5

batatzaThis is an affordable and versatile coffee grinder that is packed with great features. Some of these features include:

  • The Baratza Encore is great for regular coffee but is also designed for diversity. With the Baratza you can make anything from a french press to an espresso because this machine can rind the coffee beans finely enough to make a great espresso.
  • There are 40 settings to choose from, so you can get your coffee as coarse or fine as you want it, and you can also experiment with loads of new beans, consistencies and drinks.
  • The grinders DC motor will keep the coffee beans nice and cool even whilst their being ground, and this machine is designed to create less noise and heat.
  • This is an affordable yet professional machine that looks classy and will compliment any kitchen.
  • The Baratza has a bean capacity of 8 oz, meaning you can make multiple cups at the same time.
  • This commercial coffee grinder has received positive reviews, and it has an above average 4.0 out of 5* rating on Amazon.
  • Customers praise how well made this machine is and how easy it is to use, but some people found it hard to make espressos with the machine


Features: Variety of settings, designed to keep cool and quiet, attractive.

Pricing: Affordable

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These are all excellent commercial coffee makers, but the winning brand has to be the Heavy Duty Single Shot Coffee Grinder 270W, Variable Grind. 1300rpm – Commercial Kitchen Restaurant Cafe Bar Pub Bistro Coffee Grinder. This grinder offers quality and great features for a reasonable price, and this grinder lets you adjust the blades and portion control to make the exact quantity and consistency that you need, it runs at a very impressive speed and it is made out of strong, durable material that is built to last.

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