Best Diamond Weed & Cannabis Grinder – Reviews 2020 – 2021

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Cool Herb Metallic Grinders – Top 3 To Buy For Kief

Almost every seasoned stoner has had a bad experience with a grinder in the past. The cheap plastic grinders you can buy in markets and/or corner shops tend to get stuck really easily, they jam up and it’s really hard to open them up again, a load of your herbs end up getting stuck to the side and are a nightmare to scrape off, and they tend to be quite hard to clean. If you’re tired of sub-standard grinders and want something that will do your herbs justice, then you’ve come to the right place.

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There is a massive online market for grinders where you can get basically any type of grinder you could imagine. Prices vary; you could order a cheap grinder for £2 or, for a more high-tech grinder, you can find them for as much as £60-100. With so many options you might not know where to start, but luckily we’ve compiled a review of some of the best affordable grinders available online.

When buying a grinder there are a few things you need to look out for.

  • One feature that tends to be really popular is the ‘crystal catcher’. This is a section at the bottom of your grinder that will catch left over THC, and so instead of losing all that extra dust you can save it up and end up with enough for a few extra spliffs, thus ensuring you get the most for your money. Not all grinders have this feature, but if you’re willing to pay a bit more for it it really can make all the difference.
  • The material the grinder is made out of can make a big difference to how well its going to perform. The cheapest grinders tend to be made out of plastic, but they don’t tend to be great quality and can become really hard to use. If you are looking to make a long-lasting purchase consider going for stainless steel or aluminium.
  • Pricing is always going to be a big factor. Whilst it is always worth paying a bit more for a product that’s going to last rather than spending less on something cheap and breakable and then having to buy it again every few months, you also shouldn’t spend too much on a grinder. Unless you want something really futuristic, you should be able to find what you’re looking for for under £30.

Now you have a better idea of what to look for, let’s get started on our list of the three best grinders available online right now.

Thorinder Herb Grinder Review – Our Number 1

This grinder is an attractive little device with a deep purple interior that can be used for legal and not so legal herbs alike! Whether you want to grind up some basil and have a deliciously herb infused meal, or you want to relax with a spliff after a long day, this grinder could be just what you’re looking for. As the name suggests, this is a powerful grinder that will crush your herbs just right.

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  • This is an attractive weed grinder with a clear top, so you can see how well your herbs are being ground without having to take the lid off. It also comes with razor sharp teeth that will shred rather than just crush your herbs so you end up with a perfectly ground product.
  • This four part grinder comes with a crystal catcher compartment that will save your left over pollen and help you make the most of your money. The bottom compartment (which is where the crystal catcher is located) is also quite deep and thus leaves lots of space for excess pollen.
  • The Thorinder comes with a crystal scraper , so rather than having to forage for twigs or bits of cardboard you can scrape up all your leftover herbs easier than ever before.
  • This grinder is made out of aluminium and medical-grade stainless steel, both good and durable materials that will last longer, be easier to maintain and is far less likely to get jammed.
  • The Thorinder uses magnetics to stop it getting stuck and make the grinding process easier.
  • Customer reviews of The Thorinder tend to be positive, and it current has a 4.6 out of 5* rating on Amazon.
  • The reviews on Amazon tend to focus on how durable this grinder is (many people have had it for over a year and it still works!), how easy it is to use, how helpful it is to be able to see inside the grinder whilst your grinding to avoid accidentally spilling herbs everywhere, and how good the value for money is.

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Features: Clear top for easy viewing, crystal catcher compartment, strong and durable material, free scraper, attractive design.

Pricing: Mid-range

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Masterdam Review – Number 2

This four part purple grinder has a ton of great features for a really competitive price. Some of these features include:

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  • This grinder is a nice shiny purple colour and has four compartments for optimum use. Although we are reviewing the purple grinder, you can choose the same model in green, silver, gold, black or gunmetal.
  • The Masterdam comes with an in-built pollen catcher, so you can collect the left over dust as you grind and you’ll end up with a nice layer.
  • This grinder is made out of Aerospace Aluminium and is designed to be scratch resistant and non-stick to keep the grinder running smoothly and stop the build up of residue.
  • Whilst you can’t see through this grinders lid and so you won’t be able to check on the herbs progress without opening the grinder up, the Masterdam does come with a magnetic lid to protect against spillage and to stop it opening accidently.
  • The Masterdam comes with it’s own mini scraper to ensure you don’t lose anything in the grinder, and it also comes with it’s own bag for extra storage options.
  • When you’re buying a grinder you may be worried about being discrete (you don’t really want a massive weed sign on your package!), but you don’t need to worry with the Masterdam because your product will e delivered in a discreet plain box.
  • This grinder has proved very popular with customers, and it has an excellent 4.8 out of 5* rating on Amazon.
  • Customers praise how compact this grinder is and say it’s perfect for long walks where you don’t want to be slowed down by a back pack. This grinder has also been praised for how easy it is to use, but some people have found that the Masterdam can get jammed quite easily.

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Features: 4 compartments including pollen catcher, comes with its own mini scraper and bag, magnetic lid for less spillage and highly rated by users.

Pricing: Affordable

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DCOU Zinc Alloy Review – Number 3

This is a very affordable 4 part grinder that offers everything you could hope for in a budget grinder. Some of the DCOU’s best features include:

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  • This grinder comes with a magnetized lid that will hold your grinder together and make sure it doesn’t accidentally open and spill your herbs everywhere.
  • The DCOU grinder has four compartments designed to get the most use out of your herbs. When you grind the bud will collect in the middle section, whilst the crystals are filtered through a mesh screen and can be collected from the bottom compartment. Having a crystal collector really does mean you’ll get the most out of your money because you’ll always end up with a bit more than you thought.
  • This grinder is designed to be as smooth and easy to use as possible.
  • If you can’t be bothered messing around with mishmatched home-made scrapers, there is no need to worry. The DCOU comes with it’s own pollen scraper to make sure you don’t waste a single drop.
  • This grinder has a sleek and simple black exterior which will certainly never clash with it’s surroundings. It is also fairly inconspicuous and light weight.
  • The DCOU is made out of zinc alloy material with a stainless steel mesh for the crystals/pollen. This grinder is designed to last forever and remain as easy to use and silent as possible, and we’re sure it won’t disappoint.
  • This DCOU grinder is popular with customers and has achieved an above average 4.4 out of 5* rating.
  • Customers praise the grinders pollen catching abilities and well built design, but some people have found that the grinder gets clogged up quite easily.

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Features: 4 compartments including pollen catcher, durable design and material, included pollen scraper

Pricing: Affordable

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These are all great grinders and they will all do a fine job, but the top spot has to go to the Thorinder Herb Grinder. This is a strong, attractive and long lasting grinder that has a see through lid so you can see how the herbs are coming along without having to take off the lid, it is made out of the strongest materials and it has excellent feedback from customers.

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