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Top 5 Salt & Pepper Grinders On The Market

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Having salt and pepper on the dinner table is mandatory if any Sunday roast dinner is going to be a success. One can’t enjoy a roast without a little sprinkle of salt on their roasters and a bit of pepper on their Yorkshire puddings. The setting of the dinner table is also important if one is to enjoy a nice roast dinner, and you can’t set a nice table without modern looking salt & pepper grinders. If you are stuck for choice when choosing salt & pepper grinders you’ll want to look at the top 5 listed below as they are some of the most popular on the market:

Menu Salt & Pepper Mill Bottle Grinder Review – Our Number 1

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The Menu Salt & Pepper Mill grinders (VIEW PRICE HERE!) come in a set of two in the styles of Ash and Carbon. These grinders were specially designed by Norm Architects from Denmark so you know you’re going to get yourself good quality grinders that look good. Here are a few of the features that compliment these great salt & pepper mill designs:

  • A ceramic grinder – This ceramic grinder is adjustable so you can use a variety of salt and pepper coarseness.
  • Generous sized grinders – 20.5 cm in height with a diameter of 8 cm which is ample room for your salt and pepper.
  • Made from plastic – The general body of these grinders are made from plastic with a rubber texture – making them a lot easier to grip whilst in use.
  • Easy to clean – Simply give these grinders a wash and let them dry afterward.

These grinders possess simple designs that give their consumers an element of surprise; they look like they should contain liquid because of their bottle designs when they actually contain salt and pepper. These are very nice and modern grinders which will look good on any dining table.


Features: Ceramic grinder – Modern design – Easy to clean

Pricing: Mid-Range

Kitchen Wolfe Glass Mills Set Review – Number 2

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The Kitchen Wolfe Glass Salt & Pepper mill set will compliment any dining table thanks to their elegant look and glass style. Not only do these mills look fantastic on any dining table but they also come with the following features:

  • Stylish design – The glass base and the stainless steel ring, along with the ceramic grinder that sits on top gives these grinders a nice modern design.
  • Ceramic Rotor – These mills come with a corrosion resistant rotor that will grind your salt and pepper down with ease.
  • Battery-less grinders – You won’t need to put any batteries in these mills because rotor is manually driven.
  • Coarseness adjuster – You’ll be able to change the setting on each mill to give you finer salt and pepper to suit your tastes.

These salt & pepper mills may only look simple but with the coarseness adjuster and the ceramic motor it possesses makes these mill grinders very popular in today’s market and they look great on any kitchen table.


Features: Coarseness Adjuster – Ceramic manual rotor – Glass design

Pricing: Affordable

Russell Hobbs Battery Powered Grinders Review – Number 3

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Russell Hobbs is well-known when it comes to kitchen appliances and accessories and with the introductory of their salt and pepper grinders makes them even more competitive. These grinders are very modern and perfect for any household that is looking to spruce up their dining table. Here are a few of the features the grinders offer:

  • Battery powered – These grinders are battery powered so you know they are going to be powerful enough to grind down any fineness you desire.
  • Different coarseness settings – You’ll be able to grind down to any fineness or coarseness you desire with the help of the adjustable coarseness settings.
  • Multiple uses – The grinding technology these grinders provide will be able to cater for not only salt coarseness or pepper corns, but also spices and herbs.
  • Stainless steel design – The base of these grinders are stainless steel so you know you’ll get a sturdy product that isn’t going to falter during use.

The Russell Hobbs brand speaks for itself when it comes to quality, and with the features they have implemented into these grinders makes them well worth adding to any kitchen table.


Features: Stainless steel design – Battery powered – Adjustable coarseness settings

Pricing: Affordable

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It’s not surprising to see why the Menu Salt & Pepper Mill Bottle Grinders are in top spot and that is simply because they are not only blessed with stunning designs, but they also possess a ceramic grinder that can grind up salt coarseness and pepper hops with ease – along with the fact they are very easy to clean and very much affordable.

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