Do Grinders Really Conserve Weed? Or Is That A Myth?

Can a Grinder Help Me Save More Weed?

With weed becoming more and more popular, many consumers will start to realise that this cannabis can cost a lot a do damage to your wallet if you are not careful. 

This leaves many cannabis users wondering what they can be doing to conserve their weed and get their money’s worth from it. Luckily, there are many ways to conserve your weed and one of the best ways is by using a grinder. 

Grinders conserve weed as not only do they increase the surface area of your weed by helping you grind the flower into smaller even sizes, but they also catch the crystals from the cannabis flower which usually get stuck on your hands, this gets stored in the keif of the grinder, allowing you to use it at a later point.

So as we can get into more detail about the advantages and disadvantages to grind your weed and if it can help you conserve it, we have put a short article together below that will give you all the info you need to know. 

Do Grinders Save You Weed?

You will likely use the same gram of cannabis that you would in comparison to grinding your weed with your fingers, however, grinding can help you waste less weed, which in essence can make the ground weed last for longer. 

For example, if your grind your weed flower, you will have a more even and consistent burn in joints due to the finer grind, if you pick the flower of the weed with your fingers, this can mean an uneven balance of cannabis and may result in some of the flower not burning. 

A keif compartment is also included on some chamber grinders which allows you to store the trichomes and crystals of the cannabis in crystal powder form at the bottom and use it for other purposes such as baking.

None of these advantages can be achieved by picking your cannabis with your fingers, a lot of it will stick to your hands.

The Pros & Cons Of Grinding Your Raw Cannabis 

If your one the edge about whether or not to invest in a grinder device for your cannabis smoking, we have listed out some more advantages and disadvantages below of using a grinder for your joints to see if we can help you make a decision. 

Advantages Of Grinding 

Some of the greatest pros to using a grinder for your cannabis is that you avoid getting sticky fingers when making your joints, not only does it take for you to pick the ground herb, but the cannabis smell will also stay on your hands all day. 

Grinders additionally make frequent cannabis smoking less time-consuming and easy, they can produce finely ground weed for bongs and can collect keif in a 4-piece grinder due to the chamber at the bottom.

  • No sticky fingers. 
  • Quick & easy. 
  • Quality 4-piece grinder can collect keif.

Disadvantages Of Grinding 

One of the biggest cons to using plastic grinders to grind your weed without chambers is that they can disturb the trichomes in the ground cannabis and you can only save them for later if you have a multi-chamber grinder with a keif compartment. 

People also argue that grinding your weed can mean you get through your weed stash quicker, but this is debatable. 

  • Disturbs trichomes.
  • People argue you can use more weed.

Additional Tips For Conserving Your Weed

Along with using a grinder, there are some other ways you can conserve your ground cannabis which you might not have thought of. 

We have listed out a few tips below to help you out. 

  • Don’t roll fat joints or narrow joints – Joint’s in general waste a lot of weed, this is because for every second you are not smoking it, the joint is burning through. One way to tackle this is to avoid rolling a large-sized joint or narrow and don’t smoke it all at once too.
  • Think about your strain of weed – Some strains of weed will get you higher than others meaning you will need to smoke less to feel the same high, thus conserving your unburned weed.
  • Keep your roaches – Roaches might have minimum weed left in them which is great for emergencies, once you unwrap all your roaches, you can find yourself with a fair size of ground cannabis left for smoking again.
  • Use a piece – A piece can come as a mini snap bong piece or a hand pipe, these simple smoking device mechanisms use much less weed than a joint does.

Final Words 

Overall, grinders might not help you save a lot more weed but can help you hold on to precious keif which you miss out when using other grinding methods, and also help methods of smoking due to even and fine grind consistency, which allows you to roll more even joints or blunts.

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