Head Chef Samurai Grinder Review 2020 – 2021

Head Chef Samurai 4 Part Metal Herb Grinder

Head Chef Samurai 4 Part Metal Herb GrinderIf you are looking for a simple grinder that is small enough that you can hide in any drawer then the Head Chef Samurai 4 Part Metal Herb Grinder (VIEW PRICE HERE!) may be the grinder you are looking for. It’s perfect for having around the house if you want to grind up a few spices from time to time. It can be used for a variety of grinding, anything from herb spices and even coffee beans for smaller cups of coffee although it is primarily used for herbs because of the sharp teeth on the inside that can tackle tough herbs.

Here are a few of the features this herb grinder provides:

  • This grinder comes in multiple colours – This manual grinder comes in 9 different colours so you will always be able to find one that tickles your fancy. Those colours are Green, Black, Gold, Pink, Purple, Red, Light Blue, Silver, and Dark Blue.
  • Easy grip – This Head Chef grinder has an ergonomic easy grip design so it will make grinding your herbs and spices effortless.
  • Sharpe inner teeth – Inside the grinder you’ll find a set of sharp teeth that will quite happily grind through any tough herbs other grinders can’t.
  • Storage compartment – A small storage compartment in the middle of the grinder is spacious enough to hold a few herbs so you can grind them up later.
  • 4 Part grinder – This grinder comes in 4 parts so it is very easy to dissemble and clean and then put back together again.
  • Authentic grinder – These are authentic grinders by Head Chef and you will have their new logo on the top lid to validate.
  • Small grinder that can be taken anywhere – This grinder is only 55mm in diameter so it can easily fit into any small pockets or areas.
  • Magnetic lid – This metal grinder also comes with a magnetic lid which keeps the grinder together, it can also be attached to other metal objects so you know where it is when you want it.
  • Unique design – This metal grinder is compact and is made from quality metal – you will also note the small diamond details around the edge of the grinder which adds to its quality look.

This Head Chef grinder is great for those who don’t grind on a regular basis, it’s just handy to have around the house for the times you do need to grind – and the great thing about this grinder is the fact you can take it anywhere on your travels should you need it. In terms of price, this grinder is worth every penny because it’s not only cheap and cheerful, but it does exactly what it needs to do for a fraction of the price many other grinders cost. In conclusion, if you want a small grinder that can be cleaned easily and is readily available for when you need it then the Head Chef Samurai 4 Part 55mm Herb Grinder is the grinder you’ve been looking for.


Features: 55mm diameter – 4 part grinder – Easy grip

Pricing: Affordable

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