How To Grind Weed Without A Grinder? Here Are Some Ideas

Need To Grind Your Weed Without A Grinder? – Here’s Our Best Ideas

Everyone who smokes will weed will know, for your weed to be great, you need a grinder to prepare it for the rolling. 

However, if you’ve got some excellent cannabis on you and you find yourself without a grinder, you might be wondering the best alternative you can use to get the same desired effect. 

Luckily, grinding your marijuana buds can be done with a variety of other items such as; a pair of scissors, a pill bottle, a coffee grinder and numerous other tools. 

So to find out how to get the best grind without a traditional weed grinder, we have listed out a few methods below that use these tools above. 

Let’s get grinding!

Why Do I Need To Grind Weed With a Grinder?

First of all, before we get into how to grind up your cannabis without a grinder, you might be wondering is it all that important to even grind your weed? Surely smoking it even without grinding it will give the same effects? 

Well, it is quite important to grind your marijuana buds as it makes all of the weed buds consistent allowing you to roll better. 

We have listed some other important reasons as to why you should grind your weed up below. 

  • Allows all the cannabis buds to burn completely releasing the chemicals. 
  • You can separate the trichomes from the bud (crystals).
  • It’s smoother and easier to roll. 
  • You can become a cannabis chef and use it for baking!

Best Alternative Method Ideas For Grinding Your Weed

Now you know why it’s important to grind your cannabis up before smoking, we will list some of your favourite alternative method ideas below for you to use during desperate measures when you can’t find your proper grinder. 

Sharp Scissors & Shot Glass Method 

Among the household items, you can use for grinding up your herb in times of desperate measures is a shot glass a pair of scissors. 

Simply put your cannabis buds into a shot glass until around half full, (it can be a sticky weed or dry weed), then grab your scissor and cut the buds until they are small, you might have to do this in batches and you should always ensure that your scissors are clean before doing this. 

Also, don’t use your favourite shot glass as the sticky resin from the weed is likely to smell on the glass. 

Prescription Pill Bottle & Coin Method 

Next up, we have the common household item of a coin and a pill container bottle. Put your weed into the container, sanitise a coin and place it on top of the weed (this does not work well for sticky weed), shake the container for around 1-2 minutes until the weed is ground up to your desired size. 

Mortar & Pestle Method 

Nearly everyone has a mortar and pestle in their kitchen so this a popular tool to use if you are wanting to grind your cannabis buds without traditional methods. 

To grind your weed in a mortar and pestle you will have to ensure that your weed is dried out as sticky weed will not work, you could also try placing it in the freezer some times before which will dry it out quickly. 

Fill your mortar up with your weed and use the pestle to grind it up into small pieces, it’s best to work with smaller amounts of weed for this case. 

The Coffee Bean Grinder Method 

A coffee grinder can do wonders for grinding up your marijuana buds in subsite for a weed grinder, just fill up the grinder till the fill line and grind it up. 

Do make sure you grind in intervals as a coffee bean grinder is quite powerful and is designed to make coffee beans into powder, which is what you don’t want for your weed, so grind a little, then stop and check.

Furthermore, one other thing you need to make sure you do is to give the coffee grinder a good clean after use, if not, these desperate times could result in you drinking cannabis coffee spiked with THC next time you use it. 

A Sharp Blade Knife & Chopping Board Method 

To cut up your cannabis on a chopping board you will want to use a sharp knife that does not have a serrated edge, no matter how good your knife skills are, you will also want to cut up your weed slowly to avoid cutting yourself. 

Place your weed on to your clean chopping board on a flat surface and simply cut, rotating the board in different directions till your weed is down to your desired size. Don’t try and cut too many cannabis buds at once as this can get pretty messy.

The Cheese Grater Grinderless Grinding Method

Another great DIY method is to use a high-quality cheese grater, simply place the marijuana bud against the cheese grater and grate on the smallest holes, this method can be quite time-consuming however and you will want to ensure that you clean the grater well after use. 

Your Hands 

One of the most obvious method ideas for grinding your weed without a grinder is to just use your hands instead, however, most people don’t like doing this, because not only is it very time-consuming to cannabis users, it can also leave you with sticky fingers and leave the precious trichomes oil from the weed behind on your hands. 

To grind up your weed pieces with your hands simply pull the marijuana flower away from the stem and pick them apart, this will make your fingers dirty but will do the job without a herb grinder, always work with small quantities of weed when doing this and make sure you pick them apart from each other small enough.

How To Use a Typical Marijuana Weed Grinder

If you manage to find your favourite grinder or you have had the experience of cannabis grinding without one and you want to invest in an affordable weed grinder, then you are probably wondering how to use one correctly.

Well, once you have your grinder, using it is pretty simple, we will list some basic steps out for you to follow below if it’s your first time. 

  • Step One – Remove the top lid of your grinder and place the marijuana plant into the teeth of the grinder, avoid the centre as nothing grinds here. 
  • Step Two – Place the lid back on, rotate it several times and give it a tap to shake up any sticky weed which hasn’t fallen through yet. 
  • Step Three – Unscrew the teeth part of the grinder and you will find the ground weed consistent size pieces at the bottom, this is the weed you can smoke. 
  • Step Four – You can also take off any resin of weed at this stage by tapping it on to a table or taking it out with a knife. 

How To Clean Your Sticky Weed Grinder 

Eventually, your grinder will likely become sticky from the resin of the weed after some time of use. This means you will have to clean it otherwise it can stop your grinder from turning and grinding your weed effectively. 

We have listed out how to clean out your sticky grinder below. 

  • Rub the sticky parts of your grinder with salt and isopropyl alcohol to remove the stickiness.
  • Freeze your grinder to remove any stuck keif that will not come out. 
  • Replace your grinder with a new one when the time comes. 
  • Use a small toothbrush to remove any keif which is stuck to the screen of your grinder.

Frequently Asked Questions About Grinding Weed Without a Grinder

What are sticky trichomes? 

Trichome is the sticky residue that comes from the flower of the weed and layers of trichomes when the weed is ground, this build-up of resin will need to be cleaned from your grinder now and then.

Can I smoke weed without a grinder? 

Of course, but to break up the large pieces it’s best to use the alternative methods with have listed above, trying to smoke pieces of weed that have not been ground can be annoying to roll and can ruin the purest marijuana experience.

What is medical marijuana? 

Medical marijuana is legal in some countries and is used to help relieve painful symptoms of certain illnesses and relax patients, this method of medicine is becoming more popular around the world for people who would prefer natural treatment rather than man-made.

Would it be possible to use a tobacco box instead of a pill bottle for the coin method of grinding?

Yes, you can use any kind of container to grind your weed in with a coin as long as the lid closes securely and it is clean. Also, make sure there is enough room for the coin to shake around properly.

Final Words

Overall, grinding up your weed is nothing to stress over when you can use some great DIY methods above to save you during desperate times, however, it’s always best to invest in an affordable weed grinder for next time, as these methods can be time-consuming and messy if you do them regularly. 

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