Sage Smart Grinder Pro Review – 2020 – 2021

Sage Smart Grinder Pro

Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Smart Grinder ProA professional looking grinder by Heston Blumenthal is the Sage Smart Grinder Pro (VIEW PRICE HERE!) – A coffee grinder for those taking their coffee requirements to the next level. This grinder may look a little complicated but with its easy to use settings and the helpful LCD screen you’ll have a ground coffee that suits your tastes within minutes. If you are new to coffee grinding apparatus you may be a bit sceptical when buying a high-end grinder like this, but as it’s so easy to use it’s perfect for not only experienced coffee fanatics, but new users as well.

People looking at this grinder as their next purchase often think it’s only used for commercial use, but many people have this grinder in their homes and it looks great in any kitchen. It may provide 450g of coffee bean space in its hopper, but that doesn’t mean it has to be used all at once because the hopped is tightly sealed so the coffee beans remain fresh for days of use.

Here are a few features the Sage Smart Grinder Pro provides its consumers:

  • Different grind settings – This grinder can provide up to 60 different grind settings so it can cater for a variety of people seeking a different coffee taste. Settings range from fine to coarse so there are plenty of tastes in between so you will easily be able to find one you will be in love with.
  • Smart dose technology – By tweaking your grind size using the grind settings this grinder will automatically adjust the grinding time so the coffee dose is consistent – this is thanks to the Dosing IQ technology Sage has implemented into this grinder.
  • LCD screen – A helpful LCD screen can quickly show you the settings currently in use so you can change them to suit your needs before operating the grinder.
  • Removable bean hopper – The massive transparent bean hopper that sits on top of the grinder can be filled with up to 450g of coffee beans, that’s more than enough for more than 20 cups of coffee.
  • Different grinds fir different coffee maker machines – Depending on what coffee machine you use to make the coffee you will be able to select what type of machine you are using with the handy knob on the side of the grinder. You can choose from plunger, filter, percolator, and espresso – so you have a wide choice of coffee grinds to suit the specific coffee maker you are using as well.
  • How many cups would you like? – With the simply button just below the LCD screen you will be able to select how many cups of coffee you would like to make, and depending on what coffee machine you are using it will give you the right dose per cup.
  • Smart shot – This grinder comes with two smart shot connectors which attach to the bottom of the grinder ready to catch the right amount of grind depending on the settings and mode you have chosen. The attachments are magnetic so they are very easy to connect.

If you are looking for your first coffee grinder or you are a more experienced user, this grinder still offers the simplicity to grind coffee but it also offers many features and modes that suit different tastes – so for the price you pay you are getting a very good automated grinder that is provided by Sage so you know you are getting a product that is going to last for years. This Sage Smart Grinder Pro has many other features and settings that you can experiment with to get the perfect coffee for your taste buds.


Features: Smart shot – Works with multiple coffee machines – Removable bean hopper

Pricing: High-end

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