Thorinder Grinder Review – 2020 – 2021

Thorinder Herb Grinder

Best Diamond Weed & Cannabis Grinder - Reviews 2015 - 2016If you are looking for a cheap and cheerful grinder that will tackle even the toughest of herbs you may want to look at the Thorinder Herb Grinder (VIEW PRICE HERE!) which is a product manufactured by After Grow. This grinder is only small but it’s perfect to travel with and you can keep it tucked away in a drawer at home ready to be used when needed. This grinder by After Grow is very easy to use and comes in 4 pieces that are easily cleaned after every use – simply wash components out and let them drip dry ready for its next use.

Here are a few other features the Thorinder Herb Grinder provides:

  • Easy Grip – With the implementation of the ergonomic grip grinding is made very easy and effortlessly with this grinder. It fits perfectly in any hand thanks to its size and a simple twist with both hands is all it takes to tackle even the toughest of herbs.
  • Travel with it – This grinder is only 62mm in diameter so it can fit in all the small places ready for you to travel with it.
  • Transparent top – You’ll be able to see everything going on in the grinder whilst in operation thanks to its transparent top. You won’t need to keep opening it to see if the herbs are ground well, instead you can just look through the top.
  • Spacious for all sized herbs – This grinder may only be small but the inside can be filled with plenty of herbs that can be ground easily enough thanks to its ergonomic grip.
  • Secret compartment – In one of the 4 parts of this grinder there is a special compartment that can be filled with other herbs that may need to be grinded down at a later time.
  • Multiple colours – This herb grinder comes in 3 different colours, Blue, Green, and Red.
  • Top quality materials – Most grinders these days feel “cheap” and aren’t worth the money, but this one screams “high quality” thanks to the tough plastic material used – it also helps greatly with grip when using the grinder.
  • Magnetic top – The magnetic top with the grinding teeth within it makes grinding smoother because it’s not necessarily attached to anything it just twists around the bottom of the grinder.
  • Nice box packaging design – This grinder can easily be kept in the box it comes in because it has a nice design with a magnetic lid – it really compliments the grinder and will look after it for its next use as well.

If you are looking for an affordable grinder that can grind the toughest herbs then this grinder will provide you with that experience, along with the fact it looks nice and can be slotted away somewhere ready for its next use makes this perfect for any herb grinding – maybe you’ve just ordered a pizza and would like to add some extra herb spices to it, simply get this grinder out and use with ease.


Features: Easy grip – Transparent top – 4 part grinder

Pricing: Affordable

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