Zassenhaus Coffee Grinder Review – Top 3 In 2020 – 2021

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Top 3 Zassenhaus Coffee & Espresso Grinders

If you are a coffee fanatic you will already know a coffee grinder is essential to a great tasting coffee in the morning – the right consistency of coffee is also important as it will provide you with a pick-me-up to get you going throughout your day. Picking a grinder to suit your needs isn’t easy as many of them on the market are good quality products; however, there are a few grinders that can offer you a much better experience. Products manufactured by Zassenhaus are renowned to give consumers the coffee grinding experience they deserve and the top 3 coffee grinders provided by them are listed below:

Zassenhaus Guatemala Review – Our Number 1

Zassenhaus Guatemala Espresso Coffee Mill grinderThis Zassenhaus Guatemala Espresso Coffee Grinder (VIEW PRICE HERE!) has a unique design in the sense it’s made from wenge wood and stainless steel – so you will already have one reason to purchase this for your kitchen. The design of a grinder isn’t the only reason to buy one though, and here are a few other reasons why you may choose this Zassenhaus product for your Espresso coffee grinding experience:

  • High grade steel – This grinder has been manufactured with high grade steel so you can be sure you are getting a product that is going to not only last – but produce quality results on a consistent basis.
  • 25 year guarantee – The grinding mechanism is very sturdy and durable, Zassenhaus are so confident it will last that if it happens tos break within 25 years you can get a free replacement.
  • Sturdy and effortless – The compactness of this design makes it very sturdy and with the lever on the outside makes grinding from coarseness to fineness effortless.
  • Consistent grinding – Thanks to its patented grinder, this coffee grinder produces a consistent form of coffee powder, instead of the more lumpy output other grinders produce.

This Zassenhaus grinder is very high quality which is why it’s an expensive buy, but with the 25 year guarantee this product has makes it worth every penny because there is no risk in paying for something that is only going to break in the near future – because this one won’t. If you are looking for the ultimate grinding experience then this grinder is definitely up there with the best and should be considered as your next grinder.


Features: 25 year guarantee – High grade steel – Sturdy & effortless manual operation

Pricing: High-End

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Zassenhaus Panama Review – Number 2

Zassenhaus Panama Coffee MillThis Panama Coffee Grinder from Zassenhaus has everything you need to start grinding your coffee beans from coarse to fine with ease. This product is perfect for first time coffee grinders because it is very basic and all that is needed is to fill up the hopper and you’re ready to start grinding. Here are a few other features this product provides:

  • Double ball bearing – Its rotary axis is double ball bearing so manual grinding is done with ease and is effortless even when grinding the toughest coffee beans.
  • 25 year guarantee – Another Zassenhaus product that holds a 25 year guarantee should the grinding mechanism fail.
  • Fresh tastes remain – With the high grade still grinding component this grinder possesses means this grinder will still cut through beans and they will still keep their nutrients and the aroma will remain.
  • Consistent powder – This grinder was manufactured to keep the fineness of the coffee powder to a consistent form.

The price might be steep especially if it’s your first grinder but with its simplicity and the fact it comes with a 25 year guarantee means there is no risk in buying a grinder that isn’t going to work – so this product from Zassenhaus is well worth forking out for.


Features: 25 year guarantee – Double ball bearing – Forged steel grinding mechanism

Pricing: Mid range

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Zassenhaus Brasilia Review – Number 3

Zassenhaus Brasilia Black Coffee MillThis grinder almost looks like a magic box thanks to its dark black colour and chrome handle, and when you taste the coffee powder this grinder produces you may well think it’s magic after all. Here are a few of the other features this compact little grinder provides its consumers:

  • Varnished Beech Wood – This grinder is made from varnished beech wood which gives it that “Magical” effect. This makes the grinder compact and superior in terms of operation.
  • High grade steel grinder – This product was manufactured with a high grade steel grinder so your coffee beans will turn from coarse to powder effortlessly.
  • Chrome handle – The grinding mechanism is attached to an external chrome handle that not only looks nice, but it also provides its users with a bit of leverage so grinding is even easier.
  • Grinder is guaranteed for 25 years – Zassenhaus always provide top quality products to their consumer which is why they are one of the best brands out there when it comes to grinders. They are so confident their products will last that they even provide a 25 year guarantee.

A compact and sturdy grinder design by Zassenhaus means your grinding experience is easy and painless thanks to their grinding mechanism. This product is very easy to use and you’ll have coffee beans from coarse to powder within a couple of minutes.


Features: Chrome handle – Varnished beech wood effect – High grade steel

Pricing: Mid range

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All of the Zassenhaus products are of fantastic quality and these grinders are no different. All of them offer an easy and simple experience, and all 3 products come with a 25 year guarantee which makes the decision even harder. However, the Zassenhaus Guatemala Espresso Coffee Grinder is in top spot thanks to its simplicity and overall modern design. It is by far the most expensive grinder out of the 3 above but it does offer slightly more to its users – it’s very easy to hold, and you simply fill the hopper and grind.

The other 2 grinders aren’t far behind and they also offer a simple grinding experience, so if you aren’t willing to pay over the odds for a coffee grinder then the other 2 should definitely be considered.

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